Founded in 1987, By Vassalli srl quickly expanded and fast became one of the top companies in Made in Italy fashion.

The company’s growth was from the beginning based on the idea of a constantly-changing style, on tireless research and on a business project that aimed to evaluate the skills of all those who worked in the company.


Today, on the strength of proud tradition, the company’s two seats, legal and operative, are located in the heart of Rome. All the company premises are located here, from the style bureaus to the sales departments, from the administrative offices to the warehouses.

This is where it all happens: starting with the planning and creation of the clothes, passing through quality control and finally arriving at the marketing and distribution of the finished product. The company’s activities being organised in this way means that the efforts of each worker revolve around one single beating, united heart; this has always ensured that products are top quality when they arrive on the market.

Over the last few years, the commercial department of By Vassalli srl has increasingly targeted exports, and has experienced such impressive success that this sector now represents 70% of total revenue. Based on exclusivity agreements with selected importers and sales outlets, the company’s export activity has shown itself to be an excellent vehicle for increasing exposure. Despite the success achieved in external markets, the company has not lost sight of the importance of the domestic market, a fundamental reference point for the company’s development.