AhiMaria is an emotion that you feel exploding inside you, it’s life running through your veins, it’s creativity, activism, sweetness and liberation.

Born in Rome in 2020, the brand was the result of By Vassalli’s continuous search for new stimuli in the world of fashion, finding the perfect collaboration in the artistic design of Marisa di Mario. The necessity of the language created is to tell the story of the craftsmanship of Made in Italy by means of a one-of-a-kind aesthetic and stylistic study. The mixture of stereotypes and textile experimentation are thus translated into garments with a character that is bold and at the same time feminine.

AhiMaria mixes cultures, shapes, colours and historical memory. The garments in the collection evoke playful suggestions and an unstoppable joie de vivre. The original graphic idea plays with textiles, materials and accessories, thanks to the skilful technical experimentation which stands out against classic genres and canons.

AhiMaria is synonymous with the quality that is revealed in its full glory in the close link between the strong creative identity dictated by the stylist and the wisdom of the rigorously Italian craftsmanship. The executive process of the garments is conducted entirely within the company’s tailoring workshop. All the phases of production are geared towards the goal of assuring that every last detail of every stage of production is taken care of.

AhiMaria is the defiant cry of those who know the importance of wearing clothes that speak the language of energy and irony. It’s an awareness that is acquired over time, and aesthetic and stylistic process for women who want to tell a story, rather than simply wear clothes.